Treasurer: Sam Whitson

R E P U B L I C A N   P R I M A R Y

Voted YES for Centennial High School improvements and theater 
Voted YES for Franklin Special School District to receive special sales tax allotment from referendum
Created Resolution that helped save the Downtown Franklin Historic Theatre

Re-elect Brian Beathard

Supporting our Schools  

   It was just announced that Williamson County Schools are now ranked #1 in the United States of all Counties serving more than 20,000 students. This is tremendous news for Williamson County, not only for our children but for property owners and businesses alike. With this announcement, more companies will seek out Williamson County, bringing jobs along with economic growth. Additionally, property values, which have always remained strong in Williamson County, will see an additional uptick as a result of this news.

  Kudos to our wonderful teachers, our parents, our hard-working students, and our faculty! 

Keeping Taxes Low - Williamson County declared "Best Bang for your Buck"

   Another recent announcement was that Williamson County was ranked #1 in the nation for the “Best Bang for your Buck”, referring to those counties that have great schools, parks, roads, and livability, along with low taxes. This is something that doesn’t happen by accident. It takes individuals working together and working smart. 


   When I was first elected to the commission 12 years ago Williamson County ranked 8th in the state in tourism. As a result of those dollars, the average household in Williamson County saved over $300 per year in property taxes. Today we are ranked 6th in tourism and the average household now saves over $400 a year! 


   Much of what brings in those tourism dollars are our efforts towards preservation. I was extremely proud to have authored the resolution that gave our historic downtown theatre a state-qualified tax abatement; ensuring its place in our community for future generations to come. The Franklin Theatre, along with Carnton Plantation, the Carter House, and our many other historic landmarks not only bring visitors to our community; but are a source of pride and aesthetic beauty as well.